Thursday, April 17, 2014

Published...en español!

So, I've never really considered myself a writer, and probably never will.  I realize that saying that while writing this blog post may seem counterintuitive, but I assure you that these posts are simply to give family and friends updates and to keep a record of my musings for my future self.

Anyhow, through a strange twist of events and education contacts, SEMANA asked my to write an article for their magazine.  This request scared the crap out of me but I knew I had to try or else I'd always wonder if they would have published whatever I came up with.  Certainly glad I gave it a go.
I present my first ever published article and it's in Spanish - a definite ego boost.

Enjoy and let me know what you think - good, bad and ugly.

Without direction

It has been ages since I wrote in this blog, because I just don't know what to write about.  The idea of this blog was, I think, originally to share my travel adventures but as of late I haven't had many travel adventures and more and more have been settling into life in Colombia.  It seems weird to just blog about my everyday life.  It seems less interesting and certainly very un-profound.

Currently, I am in my "spring break", which in Colombia is actually the Holy Week so for this second half of the break everything will be closed up and the city will be very quiet.  This leaves a lot of time for reflecting and, for me, that often includes stressing as well.  Like my blog, I sometimes worry that I am without direction.  I always had a plan - a plan for the day, the week, the month, the year, the next five years.  Slowly these plans have become less defined.  I definitely still have a daily plan and a weekly plan for work - but not much else.  Is this a problem?  I don't know.

Was wondering today, if some of the feelings I was struggling with were related to culture shock.  Can one really feel culture shock after 3 years in a country?  Turns out yes, but the author of this post calls it culture stripping.  For folks who have not lived out of their home country for an extended period of time, this will sound horrible.  For those who have, maybe it will speak to you.