Tuesday, April 23, 2013

International Network

These past few days I've been struggling with some sort of stomach bug.  But despite the discomfort, I ignored doctor's orders and left my apartment, loaded-up on antibiotics and probiotics (that's confusing) to meet up with a dear friend from grad school, Caterina.

I sometimes forget how international my network of friends is.  Caterina was visiting from Chile for the book fair in Colombia.  She purchases all the textbooks for Chile's ministry of education (fancy, right?) and we were able to squeeze a quick bite to eat to catch up.  We swapped stories on our own lives and then shared what we knew about all our friends from grad school, marveling at just how worldly and successful the group is and how fun it is to have friends located all over.  The visit was short but it was so great to see her.  Next visit is from Mateo as he heads to the Galapagos for the summer...what an interesting bunch!  Every visit and every conversation gives me a new boost of inspiration.

Thanks for a great (no matter how short) visit Cate!  Looking forward to more meet-ups in the future.

Sorry, no pics, but had to take a moment to recognize these little treats in life.